Samaritan Counseling Center believes that a strong marriage begins with a healthy start. Pre-marital counseling is an excellent way to kick off a long and happy marriage. Our Firm Foundation program provides couples a comprehensive premarital counseling program focusing on three vital areas:

  • Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of acouple’s relationship;
  • Addressing common issues and needs;
  • Discussion and goal setting in a private session with the therapist to help couples explore the many aspects of their relationship and learn how to build a solid foundation for their lives together.

The program is designed to help couples identify their strengths and weaknesses; discuss crucial issues, including: communication, conflict resolution, sexuality, spiritual beliefs, finances; and set goals together in a final, private session. Samaritan Counseling Center’s Firm Foundation program uses the most comprehensive premarital assessment tools available. You and your partner will complete an online assessment which will then be reviewed with your counselor.